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August Success Talk - Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse

Thu, Aug 22, 2024 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (EDT)


Our purpose is to create and empower a community of strong successful women in achieving their personal and professional goals by providing them with the necessary resources, knowledge and opportunities for growth while fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion and community impact.


A community of like-minded women committed to growing themselves, a culture of mentorship and accountability and a space to develop our leaders of tomorrow.


About Our Founder

Faith London has been with Hudson Automotive since 2014. She started as a Staff Accountant and eventually was promoted to Corporate Controller. She often will recount instances of when the leaders saw potential in her that she did not see in herself. They took time our of their busy schedules to help with her professional growth. David Hudson and T.C. Staton helped her to hone her leadership and people skills. Their belief in her paved the way for her to bring her dream of mentoring women and helping each of us see our untapped potential through Women of Hudson. This is Where Opportunities Happen.